Quick guide to buying aluminium windows

When building or renovating a home and considering window options, you’ll find aluminium windows a very popular choice.

Aluminium windows are a durable, strong, and versatile material, it looks great in a range of colours, scores high on fire ratings, doesn’t rust and happens to be energy efficient as well!

Another reason to go with aluminium windows, If you’re environmentally aware, since aluminium has the highest recycle rate among metals!

So, fantastic you are now at a point where you’re leaning in the direction of investing in aluminium windows and doors for your project.

Now it’s important to understand the difference between several types and styles of aluminium windows.

Read on to find out more about what each style has to offer. This quick guide will help you understand which type will suit you best when you are buying aluminium windows for your project.

Different types of Aluminium windows

Sliding Windows

Aluminium sliding windows are the most popular choice because they offer: easy to clean window tracks, keep dust at bay, drafts, and water, allow ventilation with security, flyscreens with safety performance.

Multi Stack

This allows window openings at different ends as they slide open.

These are sliding windows that work in layers and are simply ‘stacked’ in multiples.

When open, one front fixed panel will have two or more panels sitting behind it.

Panels interlock when sliding with one panel pulling another along.

Multi Stack windows, are cost effective and come as a unit, stack slim and so don’t stick out when open, fly screens can come with the unit or be fitted later


This is handy because it saves needing to open the whole door to enter or exit a space.

These windows are top hung, so you will need to consider your structure and the level of support.

These windows work like an accordion.

Double Hung

Double hung windows can be a bonus with easy tension adjustment, they bring an uncluttered, clean design feel.


Awning windows open outward hinged at the top and from the outside. These windows are optimal for wet weather conditions and do well situated higher up on walls.

Louvre Windows

These are windows with parallel, horizontal glass slats (like shutters). These slats can be adjusted to regulate airflow or the flow of light.

Louvres can be fashioned from frosted, etched, tinted or toughened glass.

Where to next on your buying journey

To get a clearer idea of cost, installation and lead time details for the particular window type you feel will suit your project best, search for the best company and team to assist.

They will be happy to help you with the finer details and support you with the look within the parameters of what you’re looking to achieve.

For more information on aluminium windows contact or visit the following website https://stylearch.com.au/

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