Why People Choose Aluminium Window Frames

Why People Choose Aluminium Window Frames

Window frame decisions are important. A great choice is aluminium windows in Cessnock.

These days it is one of the most popular selections. Aluminium window frames are uses all over for both residential and commercial projects.

There are many reasons to choose aluminium window frames. 


Aluminium is extremely stable and does not contract and expand much with temperature changes.

This feature makes it a perfect selection for folding or sliding patio doors, unlike timber and UPVC which are inclined to twist and warp, which makes it difficult to close and open them. 

Strength and Durability

One fantastic trait of aluminium is that it is incredibly strong. This strength helps aluminium to keep glass in place much better than UPVC, and it also makes it lasts longer.

Aluminium frames are very sturdy even though they are light-weight. Cessnock aluminium windows have so many advantages.

Additionally, these frames can be maneuvered, which is great when you have odd-shaped windows.

Aluminium frames can be created slimmer than PVC or wooden frames due to their strength. This benefit lets you have more area for glazing, which allows more light in.

The doors and windows can be made so much bigger, giving you a larger glass area for better views. 

Restoring Old Steel Frames

Aluminium frames require fewer joints and rivets, which can be broken around the frame because aluminium can be bent to serve your requirements. Aluminium also looks more modern. 

Easier Maintenance

You can easily keep aluminium clean due to it not rusting.

You can have professionals spray or coat your aluminium frames to make them look visually appealing while keeping them low maintenance. 

You have a choice to use powder-coated aluminium frames which can blend in nicely with the exterior design of your home or business.

Powder-coated aluminium frames can be found in a wide variety of colours.

The colour in these frames does not fade, and you do not need to keep re-painting them. It’s fantastic if you want to add a bit of colour without having to deal with regular maintenance.

The Environmentally Responsible Choice

You can recycle aluminium, which means that by using aluminium frames, you are putting an investment into the environment while keeping a low carbon footprint.

Aluminium doors and windows can be reused and recycled over and over.

These days many businesses and homeowners are concerned with doing their part to be environmentally friendly. 

Save Energy

Recent improvements in thermal break technology and window design have allowed aluminium doors and windows to become the best-insulated doors and windows out there.

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For more information on how we at Style Architectural Windows + Doors can help you with your Cessnock aluminium windows, please visit our website at https://stylearch.com.au/. We have professionals who can answer any questions about how aluminium windows can benefit your home or business. 

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